An Overview of the Current IED Situation

Chris Hunter provides an overview on improvised explosive devices. While 10 years ago many people hadn't heard of IEDs, now IEDs have become prevalent among many insurgent groups. The reason for this stems from the availability of components ease by which the insurgents can acquire parts and manufacture the IEDs. The low cost of building these explosives is another reason IEDs have become the weapon of choice for terrorists.


There are four types of IEDs: time devices, which can detonate at a pre-determined time; victim-operated devices; road-side bombs; and the command-initiated device. With a command-initiated device, the bomb can be detonated by a trigger, but but most terrorists don't use this type of device because it can cause the terrorist to be vulnerable, or it can be set off by remote, with a cellphone, for example. Currently in Afghanistan about 90 percent of casualties are caused by IEDs.
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