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Gain a holistic understanding of the  triforce services needs, plus industry efforts impacting the fireline of land, air and sea military exercises. We cover the news on military supply chain logistics with insight from defence contractors working on the latest solutions.­­­­

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Posted: 12/15/2017
A new, innovative, tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS), which can be used for security and military missions, was unveiled recently by the Greek defence company INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE). Full Content »
Posted: 12/12/2017
Energy is a fundamental enabler of military capability. The ability of the United States to project and sustain the power necessary for defence depends on the assured delivery of this energy. It must be available at home and abroad, across air, land and sea, often through adverse weather and against determined adversaries. Full Content »
Posted: 11/20/2017
Tools to ensure strong communication standards in defence should be widely adopted to improve control and efficiency, says Stuart Cotton, MD of Accenture's Health and Public Service group. Full Content »
Posted: 10/10/2017
The UK government has attempted to outline its plan for defence and security after Brexit in the latest in a series of position papers aimed at informing negotiations with the EU. Dr Simon J. Smith summarises its aims. Full Content »
Posted: 09/11/2017
With confirmation that Turkey has agreed to purchase the Russian air and missile defence system, the S-400 Triumf, relations with Nato and Moscow may be permanently altered. Full Content »
Posted: 08/31/2017
With US nuclear forces facing widespread scrutiny, progress is being made on the next generation of ground-based strategic deterrence. Full Content »
Posted: 08/16/2017
With an eye towards India, Pakistan’s new investment into Chinese defence systems seeks to counter the airborne threat. Full Content »
Posted: 08/15/2017
US group will provide a range of simulation planning and technical support and to enhance synthetic training events Full Content »
Posted: 08/04/2017
The defence industry of Azerbaijan is pursuing international customers for a raft of specialist military equipment. Full Content »
Posted: 07/27/2017
Civil engineers will be more crucial to the Armed Forces than ever in the coming years, says a senior Iraq War Army officer. Full Content »
Posted: 07/27/2017
Southeast Asian navies desperately require blue water data but funding survey vessels is proving a difficult challenge in the current economic climate. Full Content »
1059 results
of 97