Enhancing Coast Guard operational readiness through cooperation, innovation and discussion


Coast Guard Capability 2019 provides a forum to help coast guards and related maritime organisations achieve mission success.
Modern coast guards are faced with increasingly varied and complex challenges covering a wide range of missions which demand specialist equipment and highly trained personnel. Often this requires working under extreme stress, strict time conditions using multi-function capabilities and platforms as effectively as possible.

Focusing on Interoperability, Search and Rescue, Border Security and Resource Protection this conference aims to improve inter-agency and international cooperation as well as provide an opportunity to meet with industry leaders providing the next generation of specialist equipment. Coast Guard Capability 2019 will feature whole day sessions that cater to both SAR and Law Enforcement specialists and includes an interactive workshop focusing on major incident response using the case study of a mass SAR operation or environmental disaster.

Join this forum to meet with international colleagues, discuss current challenges and develop well-defined future propriety areas, as well as share case-studies and take part in the critical discussion for maritime organisations.

2019 Speakers Include

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Why you should attend Coast Guard Capability 2019:

Understand new international efforts to establish standardised training and certification for coast guard personnel in order to help facilitate interoperability

Share lessons on effectively inter-agency and international communication in order to enhance multi-agency and multi-national operations

Learn how to successfully implement advanced technical solutions and operational concepts to monitor and protect your maritime borders

Hear how coast guards are harnessing technology in order to maintain cost-effective maritime domain awareness and execute missions

Benefit from Search and Rescue case-studies and lessons learned from challenging environments in order to benchmark capability and maintain high levels of readiness

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