A Partner, in and for the Defence Enterprise

Our History

Established in 2001, Defence iQ has grown to become one of the world’s largest defence events and media organisations. We are uniquely positioned to engage with and support the international defence community via our digital platform and global conferences, all of which are underpinned by rigorous research into global defence policy, acquisition strategy, capability development and military leadership.

Our Values

Defence iQ recognises that established paradigms in defence are being challenged by new complex threats and disruptive technologies, and as such public-private sector collaboration and the cross-fertilization of ideas about the present and future defence enterprise has become more important than ever.

We collaborate with the military services, traditional and non-traditional defence industry, S&T and academia who, by contributing to our events and publications, help us to generate thoughtful debate about the future of our industry.

Our objective is simply to provide our members, event attendees and industry partners with a hub of commentary and analysis on contemporary military strategy, defence acquisition, and technology development so that they can keep pace with rapid technological development, evolving threats and operational need across Air, Land, Maritime, Security and the Joint Domains.