Space Operations Summit Agenda

Space Operations Summit Agenda

Unfortunately the 2020 Space Operations Summit is postponed until 2021. 

It will provide a platform for strategic and doctrinal thinkers, capability planners and operators across the services to integrate space within an all-domain concept of operations. 

The summit will be divided in to three clear thematic areas across three days: 

  • The Day One Workshop will look at access to space, offering an opportunity for providers of commercial launch services to discuss how to make launch more reliable, repeatable and cost-effective
  • Day Two will support capability in space, covering topics including resiliency for space-based systems, situational awareness and command and control
  • Day Three will enhance the delivery of effects from space, recognising a growing demand from the joint community for space-based capabilities that can support the real-time delivery of effect in the joint environment

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The 2020 Expert Speaking faculty Included:

  • Ms Monica Y. Manning, Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer, NASA
  • Flavio Giudice, Joint ISR, Space SME, NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • Andrew Ash, Space Situational Awareness - Project Technical Authority, Space & Sensing Systems Group, CIS Division, DSTL
  • General (Retd.) Philippe Steininger, Military Advisor to the President, CNES
  • Dr Jana Robinson, Space Security Policy Director, PSSI

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