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Defence IQ spoke with Brigadier General Michel Lalumière, Director Force Development, Royal Canadian Air Force, to explore the RCAF’s future pilot... View now
Now that we're past the 2017 halfway point, Defence IQ outlines a few emerging trends that we can expect to see in 2018 and beyond, from... View now
Defence IQ explores how Britain's ten-year £178 billion defence budget plan will allocated among resources and why some analysts are not... View now
Defence IQ spoke with Brigadier General Roberto DiMarco, Deputy Commander of NATO's Deployable Air Command... View now
Once a year, the International Military Helicopter Conference gathers Chiefs of Staff, Commanders, Enginners, Programme Managers and leading industry representatives from across the rotary and broader defence communities to take an in-depth, critical view of the current and future role and capabilities of military helicopters.  Debates... View now
Wars in Iraq and Syria – and unrest in Libya and other parts of Africa – have spurred a large-scale exodus of refugees and migrants to Europe in the past few years. Defence IQ looks into how Search and Rescue efforts are being undertaken...and what more needs to be done. --------------------- The 5th Annual Search and Rescue 2017 Summit... View now
"The world is changing but our reliance on the ocean is not..."Commodore Chris Smallhorn, Commander of Australia's Fleet Air Arm, explains how Australia's recapitalisation and modernisation efforts are revamping helicopter coverage at sea for the 21st century.He briefed the audience in detail on these issues at International Military... View now
Following his dynamic presentation at International Armoured Vehicles 2017 (London, UK), General David G. Perkins, Commanding General, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, summarises the key takeaway points from his address...
Keith Flail, VP of Global Military Business Development at Bell Helicopter, walks Defence IQ through the latest updates on the development of the V-280 'Valor' and the V-247 'Vigilant', as well as the overall impact that tiltrotors are having on military and humanitarian operations after his brief at International Military... View now
General Herbert J. 'Hawk' Carlisle discusses the U.S. Air Force's latest air combat efforts, including the benefits of the F-35 and the expansion of airborne sensors.Defence IQ's International Fighter 2016 took place in November 2016, featuring the critical issues and technologies supporting the mission including: 5th... View now
314 video results
of 32