World class: The UK's Sea Viper air missile defence system

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The capability to defend a specific territorial space from attack by missiles, rockets, artillery, mortars and air breathing threats is clearly crucial for modern militaries. The challenge remains however to implement a fully integrated air and missile defence system in the face of current budgetary limitations.

Nick Young, Senior Systems Engineer at Cobham, formally a technical expert at QinetiQ who advised the Ministry of Defence on the introduction of the Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS) - now known as Sea Viper. He spoke in detail to Defence IQ on what this air defence system brings, how it compares to other platforms currently available and its future capabilities.

According to Young, Sea Viper is improving air and missile defence and the scope and ability for it to be developed. While Sea Viper is impressive, the US cannot be beaten on volume of munitions. At Integrated Air and Missile Defence2012, briefings from NATO and the Czech Army will explore the future of multinational air and missile defence and debate between this reliance and independent capability.

The Nick Young podcast is available to download from the event website:

The expert speaker panel at Integrated Air and Missile Defence2012 includes:

  • Brigadier General Giovanni Fantuzzi, Chief of Plans and Policy,Italian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Marcel Amstutz, Commander,Ground Based Air Defence, Swiss Air Force
  • Colonel C. Vaysse, Air Defence and Air Operations Command,French Air Force
  • Colonel John Campbell, Commander, Joint Ground Based Air Defence,UK Ministry of Defence
  • Colonel Marek Kalanin, Chief of GBAD Capability,Czech Army

The full Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2012 programme is available to download from the event website:

The Integrated Air and Missile Defence2012 event will bring together key military and government decision makers from across the world and provides an opportunity to interact with UK and European military and industry air and missile experts.