Jamaica Defence Force to host senior coastal security leaders

150+ senior representatives to gather at CABSEC & SAMSEC event next month

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Hosted by the Jamaica Defence Force, the annual CABSEC and SAMSEC combined forums are preparing to bring together key players involved in Caribbean and South American security at the Pegasus Hotel, 27-29 March. 

This year's theme is focussed on Enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness and Increasing Security and Defence Resource Optimisation.

The JDF have been a reliable partner within the region and has procured multiple systems for enhancing security. Regional security is a collective effort and collaboration is important for building trust and advancing relationships aimed at advancing further hemispheric security objectives.

This combined forum will offer the opportunity for high-level networking with current and future partners throughout the hemisphere, attracting 150-180 senior delegates annually including ministers, chiefs of defence, heads of navies and coast guards, law-enforcement, diplomatic, and foreign affairs professionals involved in promoting security.

“CABSEC is a win-win concept that facilitates the exchange of strategic security concerns and ideas; bilateral networking; and exposure to emerging technologies,” said Major General Rocky Meade, chief of defence of the Jamaica Defence Force.

Other senior leaders looking to advance their security through both asset procurement and defence transformation attending include:

• Vice Admiral Erick Sanchez, Vice Minister for the Navy, Guatemalan Ministry of National Defence

• Rear Admiral Christopher J. Tomney, Director, JIATF-South

• Brigadier General Alirio Garcia Flamenco Sevilla, Deputy Chief of Defence, El Salvador Armed Forces

• Brigadier General Peter Jan de Vin, Commander, Netherlands Forces in the Caribbean

• Major-General Micheal Rouleau, OMM, MSC, CD, Commander, Canada’s Special Operations Forces

• Major General Oscar Rene Rubio Sánchez, Representing the Secretary, SEDENA Mexico

• Rear Admiral Angel Eugenio Fonseca Donaire, Chief of the Naval Force, Nicaragua Armed Forces

• Rear Admiral René-Jean CRIGNOLA, Commander (COMSUP), French Forces in the Caribbean

• Captain Orlando Grisales, Commander of the Counter-Narcotic Task Force No 72 "POSEIDON", Colombian Navy

Leading industry partners include Textron Aviation, VARD Marine, Aerodata AG, Fototerra, Optimare, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Thales Air Systems and Harris, among others.

The CABSEC and SAMSEC combined forum is designed to promote regional and hemispheric security cooperation through expanding networks and to build enduring partnerships among military, industry and government officials in order to enhance regional security, stability, and prosperity in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

For more information visit http://bit.ly/CABSECSAMSEC, call +44 (0)207 036 1300 or email enquire@defenceiq.com.

Media contact: +44 (0)20 7368 9300

Press are invited to attend this important industry forum. If you would like a complimentary press pass please email Nishkala Thiru at nishkala.thiru@iqpc.co.uk.