Offshore Patrol Vessels: Trends and Analysis Report 2016

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Posted: 05/24/2016

The market for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) is buoyant as countries seek to modernise, upgrade, and replace platforms to keep up with the pace of technology change and the evolving threat spectrum. Their multi-role capabilities also makes them a popular choice for militaries and governments as they seek to get more bang for their buck.

Ahead of the Offshore Patrol Vessels conference (14 – 16 September, 2016 - Glasgow, UK), Defence IQ commissioned a survey of naval experts and industry professionals to gauge how the market is evolving and to identify the key trends in the market over the next ten years.

Based on a survey of 429 industry experts and military stakeholders, this report looks to analyse the data and provide an insight into the OPV market. It focuses on the key challenges for modernising the platforms, looks at the potentially game-changing new technologies coming to market, the benefits of modularity, and the regional markets targeted for growth.

Almost half of respondents (49%) represent the commercial sector while a third (33%) are military professionals and 10% work for government organisations or agencies. The remaining respondents are comprised of academics (6%) and media professionals (2%).

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Posted: 05/24/2016

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