Indra announces entry into South African air surveillance market through a private operator

Indra Press Office
Posted: 02/24/2014

Casablanca, January 25, 2014 – Indra is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with a leading South African security company, regarding the successful MRI aerial surveillance system.

The agreement includes the sale of a complete aerial and ground system that will be delivered in record time, in view of the urgent need for such a system for both terrestrial and maritime surveillance and has both civil and military applications.

Indra and this company have further agreed to jointly market, sell, operate and maintain the system in a number of countries in the region.

The MRI system: Multisensor Reconaissance & Identification. Is the most compact and cost effective MPA in the world. The aircraft was selected taking into consideration a number of factors like reliability, economy of operation, maintainability and performances. Minimum pilot rating (PPL/ME) is required to fly the aircraft. The Mission System is the core of the MRI and the result of years of experience in Surveillance Systems. Being conceived as a state-of-the-art software system it fully integrates the information gathered by the all the sensors, controls them and manages the communication with the Ground Station. The radar: The ITAR free Seaspray 5000E Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) multi-mode surveillance radar from SELEX Galileo provides an unrivalled surveillance capability as the primary sensor to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Multiple radar modes are available, including SAR &ISAR which provides very flexible multi-mission capabilities. Modes are internally interleaved allowing transparent use of several modes simultaneously. A set of different missions may be executed:

  • Maritime safety.
  • Fisheries protection.
  • Maritime oil fields protection.
  • Marine environmental protection.
  • Drugs interdiction.
  • Illegal immigration interdiction.
  • Defense readiness.
  • Other law enforcement missions.
  • Search and rescue.

As a result we have an airborne surveillance platform allowing us to explore areas up to 5,000 square NM at a typical range of 100 NM from the coast with an acquisition cost similar to that of a light helicopter. The System design is based on five main factors:

  • Using an unbeatable operating cost aircraft.
  • Well proven airborne search & identification radar (electronically scan array).
  • Large format, long range daytime and infrared gyro-stabilized optical sensors.
  • Vessel Automatic Identification System.
  • Monitor and control the system from the Ground Support Station.


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The company's knowledge of the different sectors in which it operates (Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration, Healthcare, Financial Services,Security and Defence, and Telecom and Media) has allowed it to develop innovative solutions that have successfully met the expectations of our customers.

Indra Press Office
Posted: 02/24/2014


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