May 2.0 – AR & VR (MAY 19)


Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in the military domain are not relegated to only training exercises but can also accelerate and improve situational awareness in the field. The “Train as you Fight” approach ensures that the applications and interfaces presented to military learners and trainees are the same platforms they will be using once deployed in the field.

Virtual Reality-based platforms can provide significantly richer “God’s Eye” viewpoints and perspectives to Augmented Reality-enabled boots-on-ground teammates when synchronized across relevant ad-hoc or local communications infrastructure, for example when connected through a Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) network.

Discussion will cover:

  • Examples of VR and AR-enabled platforms being researched by the US military today
  • The integration of VR and AR systems into the existing 10,000+ TAK user ecosystem
  • Collaboration capabilities between VR/AR-based systems and other end-user platforms
  • Visual examples of collaboration upon US Army STE OWT datasets

Randy Brown

VP & Division Manager
Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)


Dean Hoover

Systems Engineering Section Manager/Virtual Systems


Matthew Bennett

Technical Director
Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)


Tim Marler

Senior Research Engineer
RAND Corporation