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Patrol vessel modularity and the evolution of the platform

Lead partner Cluster Maritimo Naval Cadiz had the opportunity to interview Admiral Teodoro López, Chief of Staff, Spanish Navy and Vice Admiral (Res) Javier Romero, Chairman of the conference ahead of this year’s OPV International. They discuss the versatility that OPVs offer to the maritime community and the need to collaborate with industry...

2019 Global Offshore Patrol Vessels Key Programmes and Requirements Map

The OPV market is the fastest growing segment of the naval market, and is expected to reach US$34.1 billion in 2024. Defence IQ compiled this map of OPV ongoing programmes and key requirements from countries from all around the world. Download the map on the right >>Download the map to...

OPV market: Key deployments, future investments and industry offering

A key focus of our OPV International conference this year is the understanding of the role of the OPVs across the spectrum of conflict and the capabilities needed for Navies to achieve their maritime objectives. We have covered these themes in this market survey we conducted ahead of this year’s...

Driving the OPV market through industry cooperation and innovation: Insights from BAE Systems

Innovation and new technologies are driving the OPV market and creating new requirements for the world’s navies. To remain leading prime contractors, solution providers need to embrace the change to respond to the nations’ needs. Hear from Brian Johnson, Business Development Director at BAE Systems Maritime, a key sponsor of...

Offshore Patrol Vessels Global Market Report 2018-2019

Offshore Patrol Vessels are the fastest growing segment of the Naval Vessels market and a lot is happening in this space. Ahead of OPV 2018, we compiled this market report with information on:US Coast Guard's current procurement of 90 cuttersMalaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency's OPV procurementCanada's Arctic OPV programmePortugal's Viana do...

"Our timing for these vessels couldn't be better": Commander Corey Gleason on the new Canadian Arctic OPVs

Canada’s acquisition of six Harry DeWolf Class Arctic OPVs is very timely, as the opening of the Arctic is creating new strategic challenges. Commander Corey Gleason, future Commanding Officer of the first AOPV and speaker at OPV 2018 shares here his exclusive insight on how these vessels will:help tackle Arctic...

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OPV Sponsorship Prospectus

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Offshore Patrol Vessels Attendee List

Find out who will attend the Offshore Patrol Vessels conference and who you can expect to meet onsite.

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New trends and technologies in the F-110 shipbuilding program: A challenge for the industry and the Spanish Navy

This presentation from the Spanish Navy will cover the F-110 frigate modernisation with more details on:Addressing industry/shipyard engagement and procurement priorities for the mid and short-termOptimising the F-110 frigate for operations in littoral watersProcurin ...

OPV International 2019 Sample Attendee List

Download this year's sample attendee list so that you can see which senior officers and decision makers you could meet. Join over 25 nations already registered to attend!Attending nations include:

Worldwide Survey Results 2017: Offshore Patrol Vessels: Analysis of an expanding sector in a struggling market

The tense atmosphere particularly in the Mediterranean Sea, the Balkans, the North Korea waters and the South China Sea, coupled with the multiple low-cost capabilities offered by offshore patrol vessels are key factors behind their increasing success. We surveyed more than 300 experts from aroun ...

Interview with Damen: The Rising Popularity of Offshore Patrol Vessels

The Offshore Patrol Vessels market is booming. It is set to hold a 27% share over the next ten years in the global vessel market. While many countries cannot afford the guideline to put 2% of their GDP into NATO’s overall budget, the focus has been put on navies and coastguards around the world t ...

Colombia’s operational and strategic experiences onboard the OPV

Find out from Captain Joseph Thowinson De la Asuncion, Chief of Staff, Colombian Coast Guard, about the mission requirements of the Colombian Navy and the international operations they have recently faced; including responding to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti.