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It is clear from the past decade that the military flight training market is constantly evolving, as today's operational context presents a myriad of new challenges.

At this time where in which tactical aircrews have reached a crossroads, there are newfound pressures to develop COIN capabilities in order to support the suppression of terrorism and insurgency - as pilots and aircrew must now sustain readiness for potential near-peer conflict and learn to operate in contested and degraded environments.

Ahead of Military Flight Training 2019, we are gathering insights from experts on the current state of this market and we want to hear YOUR opinion so be sure to get involved and fill in the survey here:

After we have collated the results from this survey, we will be creating an exclusive report detailing your opinions and that of others in the market. Follow us at @DefenceIQNews to collect your copy when this is ready, and to keep up to date with the latest news.

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