Unmanned Ground Vehicles Agenda

Unmanned Ground Vehicles Agenda

23rd January 2020, Twickenham, London 

Led and moderated by the Robotics Requirements Branch of U.S. Army Futures Command, the Unmanned Ground Vehicles conference provides a dedicated platform to compliment discussions at International Armoured Vehicles and deep dive into the world of autonomous land systems. This is an important opportunity for both traditional and non-traditional defence industry partners to receive feedback, updates and initial requirements for robotics and autonomous systems efforts from across the alliance.To find out more and see the full agenda, fill out the form on the right >> 


  • Robert W. Sadowski, Army Chief Roboticist Ground Vehicle Systems Center, Combat Capabilities Development Command, U.S Army Futures Command
  • Colonel Marc Espitalier, Coordination Officer, Army Staff Capability, Artificial intelligence - Robotic & Autonomous Systems, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Armin Dirks, Planning Division II, Land Systems Roadmap Group, German Ministry of Defence
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Serle, SO1 Lt Forces, Close Combat, Ground Manoeuvre Capability, Army HQ, British Army

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  • Human-machine teaming and changing the way we fight
  • Building & controlling AI and how to achieve verifiable and trusted standards
  • Reducing the cognitive load
  • Sensor fusion, multi-functional vehicles and operationalising the technology
  • Cyber security issues: Resilience requirements across flexible systems and different payloads
  • Managing information and the software code within a kill chain
  • Information integration across radios, cameras, sensor systems and remote weapon systems
  • Different autonomy needs across air defence, troop support, engineer tasks, engineering/bridging

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  • Analyse how future forces will apply RAS technologies in conjunction with next generation doctrine and tactical formations
  • Meet with the responsible stakeholders from across the alliance who are designing, testing and integrating autonomous technologies into the wider force
  • Gain valuable insights into CONOPS that will serve as the base line for future operations in multi-dimensional environments

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