Implied MRO and Retrofit Opportunities 2020-21

Implied MRO and Retrofit Opportunities 2020-21

Naval services in Southeast Asia are increasingly faced with the challenge of reconciling increased operational requirements, with budgetary constraints. Among reasons why operational requirements have increased include more robust activities by claimant states in disputed maritime territories, keener competition for marine resources, and the increasing threat of maritime-borne terrorism activities.

To overcome these challenges, services in the region are increasingly partnering maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) companies to keep their equipment in service.

However, given the nuances in defence procurement regulations across the different jurisdictions of Southeast Asia, these MRO opportunities may, or may not be made public.

The purpose of this report is to highlight notable MRO and retrofitting programmes across naval services in Southeast Asia that are likely to emerge in the 2020-21 time period, but may have yet to appear in public tender documents.

The opportunities highlighted here are implied by virtue of outstanding requirements, comments made by senior leaders in the respective armed forces, and other information in the public domain.

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