World-class content and enhanced networking opportunities

In this current climate, where physical gatherings are now restricted due to the international COVID-19 pandemic we are pleased to present a solution for our conferences to run on a secure digital platform, featuring advanced matchmaking solutions for enhanced networking opportunities.

Advanced AI profiling and matchmaking to ensure you make the right connections

Network Effectively Online:

  • Find matches based on mutual interests and the goals you both want to achieve
  • No swiping, no grouping, just easy-to-find relevant people you want to meet.
  • Smart event matchmaking means smart networking decisions.
  • You will be matched with attendees based on your mutual event goals
  • Schedule secure meetings with just a few easy clicks
  • You can start conducting meetings 3-5 days before the event begins

Receive high quality contact recommendations through intent based matchmaking, powered by AI. Every user must take time to build their profile carefully, as the as the AI based matchmaking will recommend top matches to each based on their selections

How it works:

Step 1 - Select Interests 

Each attendee will select their interests when they register online

Step 2 - Select Goals

Each attendee will select a goal for each interest, eg. looking to purchase or network

Step 3 - See Matches

Once their profile is complete, they will see relevant matches based on their interests and event goals

Conduct one-to-one meetings with private and secure chat functionality and video calls

The platforms Defence iQ online events use offer multi-layered security processes and end-to-end encryption to ensure every conversation you have is private and secure.

Securing meetings are easy:

- Once you have found a person you would like to connect with, you can request an online meeting

- Send messages using the secure chat functionality

- Join a private video call conference. You can even add your colleagues into the meeting too

- Easily accept or re-schedule meeting requests

- Sync your meetings with your personal calendar

- Meetings can start before the event, allowing you more time to attend sessions