Directed Energy Systems moving from principle to reality

The last few years have seen significant and exciting developments within directed energy, with a number of functioning systems, such as Rheinmetall’s 50kW laser and Boeing’s CHAMP, being tested with great success. This sees an important move towards, fully operational directed energy systems.

Colonel Fabian Ochsner of Rheinmetall, and Mike Rinn, DES Programme Manager at Boeing, will be presenting at the Directed Energy Systems event, with first-hand analysis on their most recent tests.

Returning for its 11th Anniversary, Directed Energy Systems 2014 (28 -30 January 2014, London) will also hear from other key industry leaders and senior researchers in this area including:

  • Dr. Robert Stark, Head of High Frequency and Pulsed Power Technology, Diehl BGT Defence
  • Dr. J. Douglas Beason, former Chief Scientist at Air Force Space Command, and DE Expert
  • Dr. Sjef Orbons, Senior Researcher, Netherlands MoD
  • Dr. Michael von Salisch, Senior Scientist, Special Laser Applications, French-German Research Institute of St. Louis (ISL)
  • Dr. Prasad R Akkapeddi, Science and Technology Advisor, Threats and Solutions Division, U.S. Department of Defense

The event comes at a time of increasing interest to the defence sector. In August, 2013 DARPA, the team behind the world’s shortest-pulse laser, announced they are to head up a $6.9 million project to investigate potential applications of attosecond pulses of light. DARPA believe that the work can lead to the applications in defence such as navigation and communications. With developments such as these, directed energy applications within defence are moving progressively from principle to reality. A copy of the article is available to download on the Directed Energy System’s website:

To participate at Directed Energy Systems 2013, you can visit www.directedenergysystemsevent.comor email

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