Defence IQ launches Defence AI Week 2017

With digital revolution heading for the battlespace, Defence IQ will provide a platform for stakeholders to obtain knowledge on the benefits of the growing artificial intelligence market


Defence IQ has announced it will host Defence AI Week, a digital event running on December 4th-8th aimed at helping military and security professionals understand the impact and opportunities of artificial intelligence to their operations.

The five-day event will offer a complimentary series of live, interactive webinars and hand-picked case studies. These sessions will be led by a panel of defence industry experts and strategic thought-leaders focused on the impact of AI to manufacturers, suppliers and end-users.

Among the discussions, Defence AI Week 2017 will address the issues surrounding the recruitment of skilled AI staff and the potential of advanced autonomy on the battlefield, as well as developments in the fields of cyber defence, intelligence and logistics.

Limited speaking opportunities are now open to companies who wish to provide case studies

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn how businesses and engineering teams are producing real products with an eye to improving deployed operations and national security. Limited speaking opportunities are now open to companies who wish to provide case studies.

With over 100 industry professionals already registered to the event, Defence IQ anticipates the event to be one of the biggest virtual gatherings of its kind.

“Defence AI Week provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to gather insight and awareness of the AI market and how it will truly impact the defence industry in the coming years," said Richard de Silva, Editor of Defence IQ.

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Pola Zazfra-Davis Marketing Manager, Defence IQ

+44 (0) 20 7368 9709