The Impact of Digitization on the Armoured Fleet

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Hannah Croft

Ajax AFV

Digitization, Manoeuvre and Armoured Vehicles Report

The manoeuvre force is embracing the concept of digital transformation and identifying, funding and delivering digitized armoured fleets which are optimized for the joint all-domain operational environment.

Download Defence iQ's latest report on the Digitization of the Armoured Fleet here.

Automated manoeuvre for the urban environment, next-generation sensor suites for situational awareness, network connectivity for extended and secured communications, and on-board health monitoring systems are just some of the capabilities that the ‘Digital Fleet’ can bring to bear in operations above or below the threshold of conflict.

Of course the challenge for armed forces will be keeping pace with rapid digital technology invention and innovation. To do so, greater engagement with industry will be paramount and organizational cultures and procedures around acquisition will need to become more agile.

Against this backdrop, Defence iQ is pleased to publish this whitepaper on ‘Manoeuvre in the Digital World’, which is designed to address the impact of digitization processes and digital technologies on the contemporary armoured manoeuvre force. This topic will  explored in more detail at our annual event in January, International Armoured Vehicles.

Included in the paper is a detailed analysis of UK MOD digitization initiatives from PA Consulting, insights from General Dynamics Land Systems about the AJAX fleet, and excerpts from our interview with Brigadier Ian Langford, Director General Future Land Warfare, Australian Army.

Download the free paper here.