Chilean Marine Corps researching future vehicle needs

Contributor:Richard de Silva
Posted: 02/02/2017

The nation of Chile relies heavily on its armed forces being able to access difficult to reach areas from both land and sea, be it to confront security threats or to respond to natural disasters.

Here, Commander Pablo von Unger Thauby, project manager for Integrated Development, Programs and Research at the Chilean Marine Corps, provides Defence IQ with thoughts towards the service's progress and plans in the military vehicles domain following his seminar at International Armoured Vehicles 2017.

Within hours of this interview, over 500 Marines were being deployed in various towns across the Bío Bío region to help contain the January 2017 wildfires that ultimately claimed many lives and destroyed thousands of hectares of land...

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Armoured Vehicles Latin America 2017

Download the agenda for Armoured Vehicles Latin America 2017, taking place on 28-29 June, 2017, in Peru. The event is offically sponsored by the Peruvian Army.

Contributor: Richard de Silva

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