Morgan CAMAC® vehicle armour technology wins key award for personnel protection

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites & Defence Systems business, a world leader in personnel protection systems, products and innovation, has added another key industry award win to its long list of successes.

Morgan won the prestigious Personnel Protection Technology award at International Armoured Vehicles XV, a leading industry conference organised by International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) and held at Twickenham Stadium in London between 26 and 29 January 2015.

The judges, including editors from some of the defence sector’s most respected media, gave Morgan the award for its composite lightweight CAMAC® vehicle armour technology.

CAMAC® vehicle armour technology combines superb effectiveness in the field with superior performance in terms of weight and bulk. With a total system thickness of less than 25mm, it nonetheless shows a mass efficiency greater than 1.8, and using a Morgan composite survivability crew compartment can provide a mass saving of more than 1000 kg on a light protected vehicle platform made from HSS steel.

Furthermore, CAMAC® armour technology is cost-effective, repairable with less than 5mm increase in system thickness and features an inherent spall liner, while multi-hit exceeds 55 (stops at 17mm), having been tested on worst case joints.

The International Armoured Vehicles XV conference brought together delegates from more than 50 countries, including thought leaders, policy makers and innovators. Among the key speakers was Philip Dunne MP, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support & Technology; others included military leaders from nations such as the UK, USA, France, the Peru and Chile.

Anthony Moran, Morgan's Lead Engineer - Armour Systems, is pleased that the judges recognised the benefits of CAMAC® vehicle armour. "To win an award for personnel protection technology, particularly at such a prestigious and well-attended event, is a great honour," he said. "At Morgan, we have long known how good CAMAC® is, but it is, of course, very gratifying to have industry experts confirm that view."

Morgan will be exhibiting its lightweight armour capability at a range of IQPC Armoured Vehicle conferences in the forthcoming months, these include Armoured Vehicles Asia (28-29 April); Armoured Vehicles Latin America (30 June-1 July); Armoured Vehicles Africa (August); Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe (late September) and Armoured Vehicles Turkey (October).