The Weekly Recap: Indian Armour Deals, the US-Iraqi Slush Fund and Villainising the Shadow Defence Secretary

The Weekly Recap: We pick up where we left off after our all-too-brief summer recess and what better place to begin than with the UK MoD's recent round of personnel cuts. In a rare demonstration of political fuming, Defence Dateline's Jonathan Dowdall unleashes on the Labour Party's Shadow Defence Secretary. But not before Defence IQ's Keith Mallon fills in the gaps on India's new armour purchases - and where Pakistan and China may fit into the larger security picture in the region. Senior Editor Robert Densmore attempts to do his part by pinging on the US Defense Department's $60bn overspend on private contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq. Listeners will earn extra prizes for producing an accurate count of how many times he mentions the word 'reconstruction'. We lost count at 57.