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Defence IQ looks back on the operational and strategic challenges facing the Philippines Navy today and what it means for future requirements, market developments and security solutions. Learn more


This Defence IQ report explores the latest developments in the collaborative effort when it comes to combating violent extremism (CVE) online and particularly on social media platforms. Learn more


Defence IQ presents the latest statistics based on consultation with European drone experts from a broad range of industries, offering insight on the increasing use of commercial drones and the threats this generates. Learn more


Updated annually, Defence IQ’s World Fighter Aircraft Market Report provides an overview of the key international fighter aircraft developments and nation-by-nation inventories. Learn more


The US Maritime ISR community survey uncovered which systems and technology the North American market is prioritising for investment and the hurdles they believe the industry is facing in their efforts to modernise. Learn more


Hungary's upcoming Zrínyi 2026 defence plan is a sign that the European land systems market is back on track, according to the president of the Defence Industry Association of Hungary. Learn more


While commercial aircraft have long been employed to carry out ISR tasks, preference among many governments and militaries is to veer away from conventional large jet airliners or small prop-planes. Instead, a golden mean is being found in the business jet – and Gulfstream Aerospace is at the forefront of the market. Learn more


Systematic, an IT solution specialist, has long been spearheading transformation for armed forces across the world with its SitaWare suite of solutions, which provide proven top-to-bottom situational awareness to all levels of command. Now, with fresh contracts with the US Army and New Zealand Defence Force, Systematic is looking to engage with the artillery community at large. Learn more


Brian Lihani, Chief of the Radar Warning Branch at NORAD HQ, explains how a “system-of-systems” approach is helping NORAD to patrol the skies and "outpace the threat". Learn more

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The 2017 Maritime Patrol Aircraft Report provides a short market snapshot of the latest global acquisitions, requirements and holdings of maritime patrol aircraft and UAVs. Learn more

380 whitepaper results
of 38