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An infographic overview of key investment areas, strategic priorities and production requirements for the next generation of military combat vehicles. Learn more


Everything you need to know about the $5bn increase to US Intelligence budget Learn more


Since achieving independence, the West African region has suffered through five large-scale civil wars. However, as this report explores, the recent presence of major intrastate conflict has dropped dramatically as West African countries enjoyed a significant watershed of political and societal stabilisation. Learn more


Lieutenant General Steven Shepro, Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, tells Defence IQ how NATO's airborne early warning and ISR capabilities are supporting the alliance's strategic military objectives... Learn more


The chief of the Joint Intelligence Information Centre of the Lebanese Armed Forces discussed with Defence IQ how the use of drones by malicious actors has changed the face of warfare and how it directly affected the allied troops on the ground. Learn more


A Defence IQ study uncovered the key priorities for warship procurement, biggest threats and predicted trends for the coming years. Learn more

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Energy is a fundamental enabler of military capability. The ability of the United States to project and sustain the power necessary for defence depends on the assured delivery of this energy. It must be available at home and abroad, across air, land and sea, often through adverse weather and against determined adversaries. Learn more


In the latest edition of Defence IQ’s annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report, new survey data and analysis demonstrates that the market – in the face of fluctuating economies and an unpredictable operational environment – remains in a period of growth, with most regions witnessing an expansion of vehicle production, acquisition and operational deployment. On a global scale, Defence IQ estimates that the armoured vehicles market will reach $16.22bn in 2018. Learn more


Defence IQ speaks with Gulfstream Aerospace to discover exactly how Gulfstream’s ‘flying ICU’ business jets are proving to be the favoured platforms for aeromedical evacuation (medevac)... Learn more


Defence IQ surveyed the international airlift community on their assessment, future expectations and investment, and challenges in this crucial area of logistics… Learn more

389 whitepaper results
of 39