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Defence IQ has undertaken a market-wide survey on the business implementation and impact of AI and intelligent enterprise technologies.




The 'AI 2020: The Future of Defence & Security' report aims to provide a benchmark by probing the immediate challenges, trends and opportunities that these solutions will have on the industry. Around 100 defence and security professionals from around the globe, including engineers and scientists, took part in our in-depth research which looked at:

• The IE applications that will have the most impact on businesses by 2020

• What stage businesses are on their AI journey and where they want to be by 2020

• The biggest challenges for organisations to implementing IE in their business and what can be done to overcome them

• Business readiness for investment in AI

• Solution providers organisations are currently looking at to work with

• …And much more.

For an early look at the results and to see how you can position your brand and insight within the report, simply download a copy of the placeholder draft from the link below (not for public distribution).

To take immediate advantage of this offer, contact John Kearns at john.kearns@iqpc.co.uk or +44 (0) 20 7368 9882.