Electronic Warfare: Sector Report

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Airborne DAS (Defensive Aids Suites) ‘high-end’ systems include those developed for the F-22 and F-35 combat aircraft, whereas ‘high to mid-level’ systems include the United States’ AN/ALQ-178(V), AN/ALQ-211(V) and Falcon Edge systems; the French Spectra and Integrated Countermeasures Suite (ICMS) applications; the Israeli Advanced Self-Protection Suite (ASPS); the multinational Euro-DASS system; and the Swedish EWS39 suite. ‘Application-dedicated systems,’ include the US Guardian and Jet-eye systems; the Danish Apache Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AMASE) and Chinook Aircraft Survivability Equipment (CHASE); the French SPS-H-TA suites; the Turkish Aselsan Electronic Warfare (EW) Self-Protection System (ASES); and the UK’s Helicopter Integrated DAS (HIDAS).