Info Pack - Information Operations 2013

Posted: 04/04/2013

Information operations are arguably as vital to military efforts today as kinetic operations, particularly as the rate of global communication continues to soar at a speed almost impossible to perceive.

Terrorist organisations are increasingly capable of using media channels to promote their cause, gain new recruits and sway opinion in their favour. Meanwhile, recent civil insurrections driven to overthrow non-democratic governments have found success in the use of social networking to source intelligence and gain support of their plight. Clearly, the ancient association of knowledge and power shows no signs of abating.

As such, opposing militaries are engaged in a constant information war that crosses all borders. Where a message, an idea or a perspective can be appropriately articulated and disseminated, the chances of expediting victory among a local population or building a stronger democratic community increases.

Ahead of this year’s Information Operations Global conference (25-26 June, London, UK), Defence IQ presents some of the year’s most interesting points of view on these issues provided by experienced IO and strategic communications specialists.

Whether to understand successful strategies, procedures or the very tools used to enhance the pursuit of conveying a coherent message, the following provides a contemporary reference for all those interested in this field and for those serious practitioners attending the 2013 event…

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Posted: 04/04/2013