Saab Group Launches RBS 70NG At DSEi

Neil Waghorn

Saab Dynamics, part of Saab Group, used DSEi as a platform to launch the latest generation of its RBS 70 missile system. As well as providing increased precision and guidance, the primary upgrade of the RBS 70 boasts the integration of a thermal imager and night sight – creating 24/7 all-target capability.
According to Saab, the RBS 70NG is able to engage with the ‘complete air and ground threat spectrum, including long range and close to the ground. Everything from fixed and rotary wing aircraft and helicopters down to small targets such as cruise missiles, UAVs and armoured ground targets like APCs can be engaged.’
The RBS 70NG being fired during exercises [Image: Saab Group]
Other features of the RBS 70NG include un-jammable laser guidance, a range of 8km, an altitude of up to 5,000 meters, video recording and an automatic tracker. The RBS 70NG is also backwards compatible, able to fire older missiles, allowing nations to use existing stockpiles rather than having to replace existing supplies. The latest generation of the RBS 70 missiles, the BOLIDE, has a shelf life of 30 years, requiring maintenance at 15 years. The missiles have an all-target capability including small, airborne and armoured targets.
Saab is keen to highlight the flexibility of the RBS 70NG, stressing the following installation configurations:
  • Remote Controlled System
  • Vehicle Platform
According to Saab, the RBS 70NG can be used with as little as 2 minutes training. Saab can provide a three stage training program for operators. It includes a classroom trainer, training simulator and outdoor training.
Over the long history of the RBS 70, the platform has been used by 18 nations, with 1600 systems and 17000 missiles being sold.