RTI Announces Free Community Access to World-Leading DDS Implementation

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sept. 25, 2012 – Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the real-time infrastructure software company, today announced its new Infrastructure Community (IC) licensing for the RTI Connext™ family of products. The new licensing offers customers a low friction, low cost way to take advantage of RTI’s products. The IC licensing includes a free, innovative open community source license for RTI’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementation and also offers new, low-cost commercial license pricing for advanced functionality and tools.

The dual-license approach enables organizations to adopt and share a universal software platform across departments, projects and industries. The IC licensing offers efficient, affordable system design, while enabling interoperability and open architectures.

The new IC license enables customers to take advantage of RTI’s products in two ways:

1. Open Community Source Licensing - unlike competitors, RTI offers the latest version of its DDS implementation, the foundation of the RTI Connext product line, free-of-charge and with optional support. Also included are both library source code and pre-built binaries for the Linux and Windows operating systems.

2. Commercial Licensing - For organizations interested in leveraging the entire RTI Connext product family, including advanced tools and technologies, RTI offers an optional commercial license. The commercial license includes a full warranty and royalty-free deployment. The only charge is a low per-developer license fee.

RTI is receiving positive response from its customers with more than 20 organizations – ranging from commercial enterprises to research institutions – adopting the IC licensing model, including AUDI AG, Johns Hopkins University APL and MD PnP’s Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE).

"One of the primary reasons we selected RTI's open standards middleware for potential use in our hardware-in-the-loop test environment was their Infrastructure Community Source license model," says Constantin Brueckner, Hardware-in-the-Loop Department, AUDI AG. "It supports our objective to not impose restrictive license costs upon our test and development ecosystem."

As Tracy Rausch, CTO of DocBox and a member of the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) community explains, "The ICE standard targets safe and effective patient care. Its architecture and functional requirements enable medical device interoperability. RTI’s IC model makes it easier for ICE collaborators in industry and academia to use DDS, advancing research and development. The resulting advanced technologies will allow for safer, more efficient and ultimately lower-cost healthcare."

Qualifying as an Infrastructure Community

RTI defines an Infrastructure Community as any organization with a goal of adopting a common software infrastructure across groups, programs, systems or applications. Examples of qualifying Infrastructure Communities include entire government industry standards communities, companies or corporate divisions, development sites and multi-company joint efforts. Any team or group of teams of a reasonable size can qualify.

"Standardizing on a common architecture delivers significant business advantages. However, software suppliers have failed to evolve licensing practices to keep pace with their customers' changing strategic objectives," said Curt Schacker, chief commercial officer at RTI. "With the new IC model, RTI is transforming the economics of core technology standardization."

Infrastructure Community Pricing and Availability

The IC open community source license is currently available and free-of-charge, for source use, development or deployment. The open community source license is provided along with binaries for Linux and Windows operating systems, and support is available on a time and materials basis.

The IC commercial license is royalty-free and includes the entire RTI Connext product family, basic tools and utilities, ability to license additional platforms, a full commercial warranty and an optional annual support package. Pricing for the IC commercial license starts at $1,000 per developer (US pricing).

To learn more about the new IC model, register for the upcoming webinar on September 27, 2012 by visiting http://tinyurl.com/8pnaokr or email RTI at sales@rti.com