RADA and SpiderTech Collaborate to Market the Future of Perimeter Security and Virtual Fences

RADA and SpiderTech Collaborate to Market the Future of Perimeter Security and Virtual Fences

Netanya, Israel, September 29, 2009 -- RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: RADA) has signed an agreement with Spider Technologies Security Ltd. (SpiderTech, a private company) to help market and manufacture its patented security system’s hardware.

SpiderTech developed a patented seismic sensor and signal processing technology that allows for the detection, classification and tracking of unauthorized activity on the surface and underground. The homeland security applications of this technology are wide ranging: securing sensitive government sites and borders, military applications, as well as covert, commercial and residential security.

"RADA is excited about the opportunity to be involved in this emerging technology, having great potential for military, government and commercial users worldwide," says Zvika Alon, RADA CEO.

Currently, SpiderTech is conducting several confidential field demonstrations with Israeli security forces as well as in the United States, Europe and Latin America. They are focusing on early warning perimeter security solutions for sensitive military, energy, government and commercial sites, including underground threats.

The SpiderTech sensor technology identifies, locates and differentiates intrusions on the ground and underground. Unlike conventional perimeter security solutions, SpiderTech sensors do not require line of sight with potential threats and are immune to environmental effects of wind, temperature changes and rain. In addition, the sensors have a very low rate of false alarms, thus being extremely difficult to bypass and enhance any existing perimeter security solution.

"We are currently focused on the ‘high end’ government market segment where our solution is urgently needed. We also intend to expand our offering and introduce a commercial product line, tailored for home protection," says Elkana Pressler, Product, Marketing and Sales Director for SpiderTech. "With their experience in the military and commercial sectors, RADA is a perfect partner to help introduce SpiderTech products."


SpiderTech Ltd. is a private Israel based developer of advanced Perimeter Security Solutions. The company’s seismic ‘Virtual Fence’ systems are based on patented sensor and system technology. The systems allow sensing and interpreting of intruders at a level of confidence exceeding the probability of detection of imaging sensors or physical barriers.

The company’s patented solutions offer advanced, robust monitoring and detection products delivering dependable, cost efficient and reliable security solutions.

About RADA

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. is an Israel based defense electronics contractor. The Company specializes in data recording and management (Digital Video & Data Recorders, Ground Debriefing Stations Head-Up Display Cameras), inertial navigation systems, avionics solutions (Trainer Aircraft Upgrades, Stores Management Systems, Interface Computers) and avionics systems for UAVs.

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