Innovation is ‘wonderfuel’ news for military

Tags: fuel

At the Soldier Technology Exhibition in the Earls Court Conference Centre, London (21-24 May, 2012) UK based survival equipment specialists, BCB International, will unveil a new cooking fuel made from sugar beet which enables soldiers to make a brew and cook their rations in the field twice as fast.

As BCB’s Fire Dragon Project Manager, Derek Taylor, explained the new fuel, represents a major advance on existing solid fuels for cooking: "Fire Dragon is ethanol based and has the consistency of candle wax which means that it is easy and safe to transport. It burns clearly and cleanly with a zero carbon footprint in its production and use.

"A number of other products on the market are toxic and sold with health warnings. For instance, some give off cyanide derivatives when burnt, while others release formaldehyde in certain situations.

"Comparative tests with the currently issued Hexamine fuel show that Fire Dragon would enable service personnel to waste less time cooking and spend more time getting on with their job. Indeed the test results show that Fire Dragon boils twice as fast as Hexamine."