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Posted: 04/12/2018
Everything you need to know about the $5bn increase to US Intelligence budget Full Content »
Posted: 01/04/2018
An academic evaluates the current need for expert discussion on the threat of commercial drones and the possible regulatory and technical solutions available to authorities. Full Content »
Posted: 11/14/2017
Defence IQ’s newest partner, the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Network (, is launching the world's first virtual event to explore the revolutionary impact of AI on businesses across all sectors, including defence and security. Full Content »
Posted: 10/31/2017
With commercially-available drone (UAV) technology becoming an increasing threat to security, a market has emerged to specifically tackle these devices before they can be used to attack... Full Content »
Posted: 10/16/2017
As virtual reality systems become common place in military training programmes, Defence IQ explores why the concept of ‘realism’ in defence differs from the consumer market. Full Content »
Posted: 10/12/2017
Defence IQ speaks with Gulfstream Aerospace to discover exactly how Gulfstream’s ‘flying ICU’ business jets are proving to be the favoured platforms for aeromedical evacuation (medevac)... Full Content »
Posted: 10/06/2017
Defence IQ is undertaking a market study on 3D printing to explore the short- and long-term manufacturing impact on aircraft, spacecraft and satellites. Full Content »
Posted: 10/03/2017
With digital revolution heading for the battlespace, Defence IQ will provide a platform for stakeholders to obtain knowledge of the benefits of the growing artificial intelligence market. Full Content »
Posted: 09/25/2017
With pressure growing on tech companies to clamp down on extremist content, governments are finding possible solutions in the artificial intelligence software being used by ad companies. Full Content »
Posted: 09/20/2017
With armed forces relying more than ever on innovation, the defence industry is having to look at news ways to remove the barriers for start-ups and non-traditional businesses. Full Content »
Posted: 09/17/2017
Defence IQ is to publish a groundbreaking report in October on the role of intelligent enterprise (IE) technologies within the defence industry. Full Content »
998 results
of 91