The ICS Threat Matrix: “Software only as safe as the last patch”

Contributor:Defence IQ Press
Posted: 02/21/2017

2016 saw cyber criminals continue to become ever smarter, more efficient and increasingly successful at penetrating industrial networks. Industrial control systems (ICS) operators reported more security incidents to their governing authorities than in any year to date.

In this video, we talk to cyber security experts about the biggest problems they perceive in the arena now and in the near future, for the critical infrastructure that underpins so much of daily life.

This video touches on:  

  •  The necessity for military and civilian infrastructure to work together in tandem to identify ICS threats 
  •  Recognition of the cyber threat potential across all industry sectors 
  •  The problems associated with and caused by obsolescent or bespoke industrial control systems 
  •  Reluctance of companies with industrial control systems to shutdown and patch due to downtime
  •  The importance of risk profile assessment for an ICS operator
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Contributor: Defence IQ Press

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