Dr José Videira

José entered the startup environment before his undergraduate years, working in, and shadowing, companies within Imperial College London's incubator such HydroVenturi, deltaDOT, Gusto and Duvas Technologies. During his undergraduate degree he helped build and test a proof of concept for a new form of micro-hydroelectricity.

Jose spent a year after his MSci working in R&D and International Sales for small technology companies in gas detection and sustainable technologies. His interest in sustainable technologies led him to do a PhD in Solid State Physics, focussing on adaptive and passive optics for solar power and solar fuels.

Before joining Deep Science Ventures as a Venture Founder, he helped build various aspects of the program, and then through Deep Science Ventures' first program (Alpha cohort), he co-founded Synbiosys.

Synbiosys develops next generation armour materials and related National Security engineering solutions. Check out our website at www.synbiosys.co.uk!

Jose also teaches entrepreneurship at Imperial College London

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