The future of artillery and long range missile systems: Industry outlook

From guided artillery to counter-battery solutions, discover which direction industry thinks joint fires will take in the coming years

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A return to big guns and joint fires

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"As the United States and many of its allies and partners around the world turn their focus toward potential peer and near-peer adversaries, joint fires capabilities have re-emerged as top priorities" - Raytheon 

The effectiveness of joint fires can only be assured by a dialogue between the militaries and industry, to ensure that technological advancements support what the militaries are trying to achieve.

Ahead of this year’s Future Artillery conference taking place 13 – 15 May in London, Defence IQ had the opportunity to gain exclusive insights from some of the partners of the conference. We asked them the following question:

How do you see the future of joint fires and how will your company be integral to its future?

You will learn how leaders in the industry are working to:

  • Ensure artillery is more mobile
  • Increase artillery ranges to distances up to 150 kilometres
  • Improve the capabilities of guided artillery
  • Enhance accuracy
  • Improve the rate of fire with multi-option fuses
  • Improve survivability against counter battery fire 

and much more...

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