Strategy for Countering IEDs

IED attacks have a huge affect on the morale on troops and send a strong political message when the troops come injured by the bombs. Additionally, IEDs are a very effective weapon system even though it can be made for only a couple of dollars. So what is the best strategy for countering IEDS? In this interview Chris Hunter explains that there is a three-pronged approach to take when looking to counter the threat of improvised explosive devices: defeating the device, training the force, and attacking the network. Currently, a huge effort is made to detect and neutralize the devices to protect the force and identify the bomb makers. Training the force and making sure they are continually updated is an extremely important method for countering IEDs and keeping the troops safe. Finally, attacking the network is probably the most crucial step to countering IEDs because there's only a finite number of bomb makers, and it takes a long time to replace and train new bomb makers. If insurgents can't manufacture the IEDs they can't use them.


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