Counter IED Chief Says Pakistan is to Blame for IED Deaths in Afghanistan

British Army Colonel Bob Seddon, having left the Army the same week as our interview with him, does not only 'know' IEDs. By all counts, he is an IED expert and carries operational experience in the 'explosive ordnance disposal' arena from both Iraq and Afghanistan. In this first segment of Defence IQ's interview with the retired principal ammunition technical officer, we comb over the technical details of what operators need to defeat the IED in Afghanistan. Col Seddon also talks about the training, materiel and funding that made their way into the Taliban's hands from other countries - and touches on his concerns about what training is being provided for bomb disposal operators in this war. Threatened capabilities, insufficient training and proper vehicles and equipment for the job: these are areas he is keen to see addressed. We also press him on defining the technical terms in the IED discussion - and what the media misunderstands about the Counter-IED war in Afghanistan.


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