ISAF to Review Circumstances Surrounding Death of Helmand Resident

KABUL, Afghanistan (Dec. 2, 2010)
ISAF is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the death of Haji Abraham, the former district chief of Gereshk District, Helmand Province.

During an intelligence-driven joint ISAF-Afghan operation on 29 November aimed at capturing suspected Taliban insurgents, a joint security force shot and killed Haji Abraham when he demonstrated hostile intent by brandishing a hand-grenade.
During the operation six other males were taken into custody for further questioning, and one was subsequently released. Material found at the location links the men to insurgent activity in the area, and further examination of the materials is ongoing.

The Governor of Helmand and the President of Afghanistan were briefed in detail following the operation and after initial investigation, and further details will be provided when the investigation is complete. Additionally, ISAF will fully support the Afghan government in its investigation of the case.