Forces capture Taliban leader connected to Highway 1 kidnappings

KABUL, Afghanistan (Jan. 3) – Afghan and coalition forces detained a Taliban leader responsible for kidnappings of Afghan civilians on Highway 1 during a joint security operation in Zabul province yesterday.
The Taliban leader is responsible for small arms and improvised explosive device attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He has direct connections with other Taliban leaders in the Tarnek wa Jaldak district.
Security forces followed leads to a compound in the district where Afghan forces called for all occupants to exit the buildings peacefully. The security force conducted a search of the compound where the Taliban leader along with two suspected insurgents were detained.

Security forces have made it a priority to secure Highway 1 in an effort to further the safety of local Afghans and coalition forces as well as provide a conduit to promote stabilization in the southern provinces.

This operation is one of a dozen conducted over a five-week period in the province. The major thoroughfare extends from Kabul, near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, through the southern provinces and terminates on the Iranian border.
No women or children were injured or detained during these operations and the security force conducted these operations without firing their weapons.