Defence IQ Publishes 2012 Artillery Report Ahead of 10th Anniversary Conference

Ahead of its landmark 10th anniversary Future Artillery conference later this month, Defence IQ has published its 2012 Artillery report, looking at current trends within the artillery sector and the likely evolution of the market over the next decade. The report can be downloaded for free at

Based upon a survey of 120 professionals within the artillery domain, topics examined include: which capabilities the military will prioritise as it increasingly embarks on urban, complex and dispersed operations; how militaries can achieve greater precision; the changing nature of training scenarios; as well as which regions are being targeted as emerging growth markets. India's artillery requirements and capabilities are also the subject of particular focus.

At a time when artillery commanders continue to stress the critical importance of artillery in current operations, as well as the increased variety of roles that the modern artillery carries out, the question of budgetary restrictions is unavoidable. Exactly half of all respondents expected financial constraints to be critical to artillery advancement. A possible increase in the focus on air power was the next most significant factor.

In order to ensure that international artillery forces are equipped with the most modern and cost-effective systems, more in-depth discussion is required on bridging future artillery capability gaps, and therefore where investment should be targeted.

Major General Anukul Chandra, Former Additional Director General (Equipment Management), Army HQ Indian Army is quoted in the report as saying: "While the rat race in development of higher calibre 155mm guns seems to have almost ended, the direction of future development is not clear. More than the gun itself, the need of the hour is to work on accuracy, range and lethality of munitions."

The modernisation initiatives and priorities of over 25 global militaries will be discussed at Future Artillery 2012, taking place 27th-29th March in London, which also features a strategic debate between representatives from six of the largest artillery organisations on what they see as the future of the artillery industry.

The full Future Artillery 2012 conference programme can be accessed at