Coalition forces provide aid to flood victims in Kabul

For Immediate Release
By MC1(SW) Kurt Riggs
KABUL, Afghanistan (Aug. 15) – Afghan National Security and coalition forces provided relief materials to victims of recent flooding in the district of Musahi outside the capital city of Kabul today.
The relief effort was a coordinated by members of the Turkish coalition of the International Security Assistance Force. Members of the Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army, Turkish forces and American military participated in the effort.
One hundred fifty families, identified by the Afghan government as most in need, received tents, blankets, stoves, coal, footwear, clothing and various food items. The supplies are intended to last about a month in the wake of flooding that damaged the region after heavy rains and a failed retaining wall allowed the river to exceed its banks and overtake the area.
Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Shera, an ISAF servicemember, is proud of being able to help the Afghan people. Part of a police mentoring team, he and his fellow soldiers know the people in the affected region well.
"They’re proud people, they don’t ask for much, they don’t want to do that," he explained. "The only time they really ask for anything is when they really need help, like this aid that’s going on right now. These people have lost their homes, lost livestock, lost a year of harvest that they’ve done up there, so when they need the help they’re going to ask but other than that they just want to do it on their own."
Kabul Governor Zebiullah Mucaddidi and various dignitaries from ANA, ANP and Turkish coalition forces assisted in passing out relief supplies.