Afghan, coalition forces detain Taliban leaders in Nangarhar

KABUL, Afghanistan (Dec. 28) – Afghan and coalition forces detained a Taliban leader and a Taliban facilitator during a joint security operation in Nangarhar province yesterday.
Joint forces have now detained six Taliban leaders and 18 suspected insurgents in the province since Dec. 1.
The Taliban leader operated within Pachir wa Agam district, facilitating foreign fighters and suicide bombers to attack coalition forces and government officials in Jalalabad, Behsud and Pachir wa Agam districts.
The Taliban facilitator was involved in facilitating weapons and suicide bombers as well as planning attacks in the Pachir wa Agam district. Recent reporting indicates he and several associates were acquiring compounds necessary to make suicide bombs south of Jalalabad City.
Forces detained the two Taliban leaders at a targeted location in Chaparhar district. Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call occupants out of the buildings peacefully before conducting a search. The men were detained after initial questioning.
The joint security team conducted the operation during hours of darkness to minimize risk to local citizens. No women or children were injured or detained during this operation.
Security forces conducted the operation without firing their weapons.