International Armoured Vehicles with Gen. William Scott Wallace

Recently retired four-star general William Scott Wallace of the US Army talks to us about his experiences serving as Commanding General of Training and Doctrine Command, his perspective on recent AV developments, and the replacement of the MGV and FCS programs in favour of the new BCT program. He will be hosting the Senior Leader's Day at this year's International Armoured Vehicles event.

General William Scott Wallace will be hosting an invitation only discussion forum at the International Armoured Vehicles conference and exhibition on Monday 1st February 2010, for officers of 1* and above, civilian equivalents and a selection of VIPs. The meeting will be focused on the future of ground combat vehicles, and in addition to General Wallace, Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely (R'td), Former Director General, Defence Academy, UK MoD and Brigadier General Salvatore Farina, Director, Battlespace Capability, Italian MoD, will assist in facilitating discussions. To register your free place, call +44(0) 207 368 9300 or e-mail