Senior military logisticians to attend Combat Support Week

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Combat Support Week, chaired by General Sir Peter Wall, Former Chief of the General Staff of the British Army (2011-2014), is fast approaching. For the first time, the co-located Military Engineering and Defence Supply Chain Logistics conferences will bring together senior military logisticians and engineers from countries including Germany, the USA, UK, France, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Greece, the Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, Romania and Norway.

Ahead of the event, General Sir Peter Wall shared his thoughts on the challenges that Combat Support week will seek to address.

“Military engineering and logistics are critical to the sustainability of deployed forces engaged in operational manoeuvre. We have seen this in the recent defeat of ISIL in Northern Iraq and in NATO deployments in Europe to deter the renewed Russian threat. They are no less important in stabilisation operations or humanitarian aid and disaster relief.  In short these are decisive contributions to the success of any military expedition or campaign and we underplay them at our peril. Shrinking defence resources are undeniably increasing risk in this area.

"Combat Support Week will provide unprecedented access to a senior multinational cohort of military engineering and logistic experts, providing delegates with a unique opportunity to understand the requirements of end-to-end mission support. For industry, it will offer a rare perspective on the challenges faced by these two communities, and the chance to explore how new capabilities will contribute in the battlespace of the future. Each conference day begins with a number of joint plenary sessions, where senior military commanders will describe their vision and how they see it being met.

"I much look forward to chairing this timely international conference, and encourage you to be with us in London this February.”

Combat Support Week will integrate a collaborative, end-to-end approach to combat support through joint-force panels, industry case studies and shared networking sessions. For more information visit, call +44 (0)207 036 1300 or email


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