Future Artillery Investment: Survey Results

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The global artillery market, between now and 2025, is expected to increase by approximately 40% to US$5.2 billion. Understandably so, given that over the last decade, artillery has re-established itself as an indispensable tactical instrument, vital for both self-defence and expeditionary warfare. 

The war against Daesh has seen the increased importance of artillery to contemporary joint fires operations. In the Donbass region, Ukraine faces an enemy with a modern and fully-integrated joint fires capability – underpinned by emerging technologies such as UAVs and superior communication systems. Amid these developments, it is useful to understand how armies are prioritizing the challenges, and where artillery investment should lie. 

Ahead of the 14th annual Future Artillery conference (22-24 March; London, England), Defence IQ surveyed hundreds of its readers involved in this community to get a perspective on these changes within the Artillery domain…

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