Future Mortar Systems Requirements & Holdings

Andrew Elwell
Posted: 08/22/2016

The most commonly operated towed or hand-held indirect fire mortar calibres are 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, but others, such as 82mm and 107mm are also in use. There are over 85,000 towed/hand-held and self-propelled (SP) mortars in use worldwide. Of these, around 5,500 are SP systems. Asia-Pacific countries hold 41.5% of the world’s towed/hand-held mortars, while Europe has 14.5% and the Middle-East has 16.9%. Europe dominates in SP mortars, with 62% of the world total.

Although 81mm self-propelled (SP) mortar systems are still operated by some countries, including the U.K., there is now a trend towards the larger 120mm SP systems, which have a longer range and generally more effective ammunition. Traditional High Explosive (HE), Illumination and Smoke ammunition is still widely used, but new HE variants and Insensitive Munitions (IM) are being introduced. Read the full inventory report, including selected key regional requirements...

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Future Mortars Holdings and Requirements
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Andrew Elwell
Posted: 08/22/2016