Defence Industry Bulletin, October 2016 (Issue #11)

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Posted: 10/05/2016

As the leaves turn, so too does the world of defence.

Since the last issue, Britain has appointed a new Prime Minister, who has claimed she will work to “maintain what is the most significant security and military capability in Europe,” but faces a tough challenge in doing just that, with questions over Trident, terrorism, foreign conflicts and the defence industry coming to the fore.

In response to the Brexit referendum, meetings between EU nations have been marred by disagreements and uncertainties over how to reassess the collective strategy to deal with Russia. Meanwhile, the US presidential race will soon be at an end, with early debates underscoring the issues of Daesh, Iran and cybersecurity as weighing heavily on the minds of both frontrunners.

Undoubtedly, all of these outcomes will have far reaching impacts on the industry and it’s no wonder the markets are holding their breath.

Winter is coming – but will it be one of discontent?


In this issue of Defence Industry Bulletin, our correspondent Georg Mader reports on developments in the military helicopter domain with a look at Bell’s much-anticipated Future Vertical Lift platform, the V-280 Valor, which could revolutionise the way we see troop transport in the near future. Plus, he meets the minds behind Austria’s Diamond D-450 turboprop trainer and Brazil’s KC-390 multirole transport programme.


Our latest Land news includes updates on Israel’s new Rakiya family of armoured vehicles, the Malaysian Army’s adoption of 2R2M mortar systems, and a look at a fascinating technology from Spanish company Everis that may offer a more definitive answer to the mortar recoil challenge.

This month’s Sea updates explore Australia’s Hobart-class trials, new patrol boats for Portugal, the Philippine Navy’s important frigate decision, and more.

Plus, we spoke to the CEO and founder of Inzpire, a company offering flight training services and tablet-based mission systems, to find out how
a £300 venture turned into a multi-million pound defence business.

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Defence Industry Bulletin Oct 2016
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defence iq new logo
Posted: 10/05/2016

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