Unique civil sector capabilities from Australia offer fully customised military training solutions.

25th March 2014 – Allied defence forces from around the world are recognising the cost and time benefits of leveraging civil sector resources in non-critical, non-specialist areas, and, in terms of helicopter pilot training, Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy from Australia is the obvious choice.

Speaking at today’s focus day on Training the Modern Rotary Aviation, Capt. Mike Becker from Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy offers Initial Entry Rotary Wing Training Programs and Advanced Training solutions for the military market. He highlights its success is underpinned by three things - innovation, responsiveness, and accreditation.

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy provides military outcomes through a civil approved training environment. It has 20 years experience in developing an innovative military style training system. It utilises the best use of technology and modern instructional design techniques to provide cost and time efficiencies for its clients.

"The things our clients regularly comment on", says Captain Mike Becker, "Are our unique student management and reporting system, our experience and proven ability to understand and respond to allied defence clients’ needs, and our focus on delivering competency based outcomes within the realms of our regulatory frameworks".

Becker Helicopter Pilot Academy has a custom built student management system that can manage customised curriculum for different clients that are mapped to the needs of the client, the competency requirements of accredited qualifications being sought, and the regulatory requirements of the aviation regulator(s) eg CASA, EASA, FAA.

Captain Becker explained it this way: "Instructors operate under the strict framework of the Australian Regulator (CASA), providing a strong safety culture within the academy. However, student training outcomes are governed by the qualification accreditation framework, which is competency based. This competency basis for students (rather than a prescriptive "hours in the air" basis), provides flexibility in the structure and delivery of each phase of the syllabus."

Captain Becker says "Because our student management system has been built in-house, we have the flexibility to modify and generate reports that meet each client’s specific requirements. At a glance we can see a student’s training history, track progress against curriculum competencies, and identify any learning deficiencies or remedial training requirements."

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy currently offers:

  • Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence)
  • Diploma in Aviation (Instrument Flights Operations)

And has approvals pending for:

  • Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor)
  • Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instruction)

More info – Mike Becker +61 417 608 938