UK MoD Operation Ellamy Update

Major General John Lorimer, CDS Strategic Communications Officer, said of Operation Ellamy:
"Over the weekend RAF Tornado GR4s continued to conduct armed reconnaissance sorties over Libya in support of UNSCR 1973. In the course of these missions ordnance released hit a total of 22 tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery pieces in the vicinity of Ajdabiyah and Misrata.
"Following the retreat of Colonel Gaddafi’s forces from most of the coastal towns east of Surt, RAF Tornados have joined other Coalition aircraft patrolling over Misratah where, despite significant losses as a result of air strikes, the regime continues to mount attacks on the town.
"During the early hours of this morning, Tornado GR4 aircraft conducted strike missions against Libyan ammunition bunkers in the Sabha area in the southern Libya desert. Tornado GR4 aircraft flew from RAF Marham and were refuelled en route by Tristar tanker aircraft from RAF Brize Norton.
"Storm Shadow missiles were launched against ammunition bunkers used to re-supply Libyan Government troops attacking civilians in the North of the country, including Misratah. Initial reports suggest that the bunkers have been destroyed and that the Libyan Government has been denied ammunition it uses to threaten civilians in the north of the country."