UK MoD: Libya Operational Update 27 June 2011

Major General Nick Pope, the Chief of the Defence Staff’s Communications Officer, said:

"The UK Armed Forces again saw action over Libya during the weekend as NATO’s Operation Unified Protector continued.

"On Saturday, an RAF patrol identified a pair of regime military vehicles near Yafran, in the western highlands of the Djebel Nafousa; both were destroyed with Paveway precision guided bombs. At sea, HMS Liverpool provided overwatch to an allied warship which was conducting a bombardment of regime forces in the area of Zlitan, west of Misrata.

"On Sunday, Royal Air Force Tornado aircraft attacked a pair of artillery pieces near Yafran, in the Djebel Nafousa south west of Tripoli. During the night, HMS Ocean launched her Army Air Corps Apache helicopters against two regime check points at Bin Jawad, which were preventing freedom of movement on the coastal road between Brega and Sirte. Fleet Air Arm Sea King helicopters in the Airborne Surveillance and Area Control role provided support. Three armed vehicles at the checkpoints were destroyed using Hellfire missiles and 30mm Chain Gun fire.

"As ever, the strike operations were well supported by NATO tanker and surveillance assets, including Royal Air Force VC10, Sentinel and Sentry aircraft. Since the start of military operations, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps strikes have destroyed some 520 regime targets that were threatening the civilian population."