UK MoD: Libya operational update

Major General John Lorimer, Strategic Communication Officer to the Chief of Defence Staff, said:
UK Royal Air Force aircraft are continuing to provide support for NATO's Operation Unified Protector to protect Libyan civilians and the civilian population under threat of attack and enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973.
On Sunday 10th April Tornado GR4s flew from the UK Forward Operating Base at Gioia Del Colle to patrol around the area of Misratah, Brega and Ajdabiyah. The aircraft used Brimstone Missiles and Paveway IV bombs to hit ten Main Battle Tanks and one armoured fighting vehicle.
In addition, sorties were flown by Typhoon and Tornado GR4 aircraft, operating together to conduct armed patrols around Misratah. Tornado aircraft launched Brimstone missiles and two further Main Battle Tanks and two surface to air missile launchers were hit.
Three VC10 aircraft deployed from Trapani to provide air-to-air refuelling for UK and coalition sorties.